We Don't Need an Event Planner

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

There's not that much to do. We need a venue, food, to invite people and show our guests a good time at the event. We don't need an #eventplanner.

Fast forward to the event...

The event is 5 days away and expected attendance is low.

The venue is asking for final numbers? Oops, those were due to the venue a few days ago, as per our contract. Great, now we are on the hook for all the guests we targeted instead of the final guest count. And our room is too big. It's going to look empty.

Our invited guests are wondering where to park and if they can expense parking or taxis. They don't know which room to go to. They are emailing and calling to ask a lot of questions!

The event is 3 days away and we have had a few last minute attendees. Phew! Oh, but also a few cancellations.

Our guest speaker calls. She asks if her travel has been arranged. We thought her Assistant was booking travel and her Assistant thought we were booking travel. Now there is limited availability and prices are high. Oh and who in our office is going to make these arrangements?

We just realized that someone needs to introduce our Speaker at the event. John should do it, but he's on vacation. The rest of us don't really know her that well. Should we call her Assistant for help?

The event is tomorrow. So far so good, hiccups have mostly been resolved. We should be good from here.

More cancellations...

The event is today.

Our Speaker's flight was cancelled. If we are lucky, she will make it just in time.

Does anyone have a copy of her presentation? What format did she use and is it compatible with the venue's set-up? Did she bring a laptop? Does she need HDMI or VGA cords? Does she need a mic? What kind of mic does she prefer?

Should we eat dinner before the presentations?

Is there #directionalsignage on-site?

The event is happening.

Who is tracking our attendee arrivals and giving them their #eventbadges?

There aren't enough appetizers. People are hungry. How did this happen? Our numbers were too high!?

There are 7 last minute attendees. They don't have a table to sit at and they don't have badges.

The Speaker is late. It's awkward. We don't know how to occupy our guests until she arrives.

The Speaker arrives. She didn't bring her laptop. No problem, we have one. But not the right cords... She presents from our laptop, with no screen.

Things start rolling. No biggie. One guest approaches us and notes that she doesn't see any vegetarian options. Another guest says he is vegan. We didn't ask beforehand and the restaurant has no options.

The presentation finishes, dinner finishes and people seem happy.

The Speaker is in a smoking hotel room. She lets us know at 11pm when she checks-in.

We receive the final bill the following day. We thought the minimum spend for the night was $3000. Oh, it's $3000 plus 13% tax and auto-gratuity of 21%. 21%!? How is that a thing?

The event was 2 weeks ago.

Darn! We forgot to send thank you notes to the Speaker and attendees!

You go, team! You got this. You don't need an #eventmanager who has thought of everything that could go wrong, has all deadlines scheduled, has created a theme, has sent timely reminders, has carefully reviewed the contracts, has budgeted accurately, has double checked #travelarrangements, has thought of and arranged special touches like the logo on the menu and organizing a reception area with drinks upon arrival, is the go-to and manager on-site and has sent thank yous 2 days post event.

If you're in a bind, feel free to email me. However, don't say that I didn't warn you!

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