The Hustle Is Real

I would like to take a moment (or a blog post) to share how my entrepreneurial journey is going. It has been just shy of 6 months since I launched and it has been quite the adventure! I have always been interested in owning a business; I even took an entrepreneurship class in high school. I anticipated lots of things: challenges-problem solving, networking-bothering people, creativity-analysis and highs-lows. So far I have been correct in my predictions about starting up a business. It's hard. But it's easy. It's not for the faint of heart, but it can be for people who want it badly enough.

There have also been a few surprises for me on this journey thus far.

Surprise #1:

  • Lack of sleep. And not because business is so demanding that I must compromise sleep. It's because my focus on creativity and ideas is through-the-roof stimulating! I have never experienced the desire to lose sleep for work. I have lost sleep for work many times because I always have an owner (not renter) approach to my employment and aim for perfection, even after-hours. But desire to lose sleep? That's new. It's not a habit I intend to continue, so fellow entrepreneurs, please send me your tips on how to quiet the mind and stop (but start) dreaming.

Surprise #2:

  • Juggling career with baby. Shout-out to the #mompreneurs out there! I started my business while on mat leave in 2018. It has taken a ton of work and some cooperation from my husband, daughter, collaborators and clients. I think most entrepreneurs would admit that there is a lot of balancing, help and understanding from those around us. I did anticipate that juggling a new (high energy, sleep-is-for-the-weak attitude) baby and starting a business would be potentially too ambitious. My surprise though was more that I pulled it off. I brought my daughter to meetings (when she was smaller, before she became a fireball) and asked for her patience in the background on many phone calls. I hope she pursues her dreams too and hopefully I can someday share our story about her first job as mama's business partner. My other surprise was that clients and collaborators were accepting of my daughter's presence. It wasn't a big deal and I hope this is the case for other entrepreneurs. There is a time and a place to not bring your child absolutely, but thanks to my 'team', it worked for my business when I needed it to. Please comment below or contact me if you have mama/baby life balance hacks to share!

Surprise #3:

  • Hamilton's incredible network of small businesses trying to help each other out. And not in a favours kind of way; in a build-each other-up kind of way. From referrals and collaborations to businesses aiming to outsource locally, the entrepreneurial energy in Hamilton is top notch! I knew Hamilton was booming with growing businesses, but I did not anticipate the incredible welcome and genuine joy of and hope for success from fellow entrepreneurs and businesses. It's competitive out there, and yet it's not. Everywhere from #instagram and #twitter to #networking events and responses from cold emails, I am pleasantly overwhelmed by the cheerleaders of #hamont and the #hamfempreneurs What an inclusive community we have, and I'm so proud to now be a part of it.

Business won't just come my way and I would not want it to. I am enjoying the hustle even when the struggle is real. It's nice to know that Hamilton has my back! And I want Hamilton entrepreneurs to know that I have their back too. If you would like me to interview you for my blog and to promote your business, please send me an email to and I would be happy to be your cheerleader too.

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