Show Your Appreciation

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Your employees work hard and they deserve to feel appreciated. Here's how to do an #employeeappreciation right.

Organize a pot-luck where the employees all have to make food and bring to feed your employees. Just kidding, don't do that. Keep the pot-lucks for holidays, birthdays, retirements or just for fun. When you are celebrating your employees, don't make them do more work and spend more money.

- One gift, and a nice one. There's no need to buy several cheap gifts, just do one right

- Food glorious food! And not pizza or hot dogs. Don't be cheap. Food trucks or nice #catering are best

- Team games like bubble soccer or an escape room

-#lunchwiththeboss or President/CEO if possible!

- Free 10 minute massages from the President (just kidding, from a hired masseuse)

- Free yoga or fitness class

- Leave 1 hour early!

Your customers/clients are loyal. Keep them loyal by buttering them up... I mean, by showing them your appreciation.

- Gifts are great during the holidays and even better when a surprise. If you're going to go the gift basket route, avoid jams and cheap chocolate. Your customers spend good money for your service, give them only the best quality everything

- Send free coffee or bakery promotions (supporting logo business and free stuff equals happy customers)

- Hold an annual #customerappreciationparty where you provide drink tickets and free food. It's shameless promotion and free stuff for your special people!

- Send cards for birthdays and holidays. Even e-cards will do!

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