Oops... Event Mix-Ups

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Here I go, about to share some of my embarrassing event mishaps. Now it's on the internet for everyone to see and judge me!

Mishap #10

... Just kidding, I don't make THAT many mistakes ;)

Mishap #4

It's the weekend and I'm hosting an event at a pool bar on the lake. We were expecting about 15 people or less to join. All the details have been sent out and everyone knows when and where to meet. I am early for my guests and wondering where everybody is. I come across the manager who explains to me that the event advertised isn't actually open to the public. It's an exclusive event for invited guests only. After finding my guests outside, I have to tell them and email others about the mix-up. The event was falsely advertised, but I didn't do my research.

Mishap #3

I'm managing an area for a high stakes oral medical exam. It's hectic and high stakes. I missed the staff orientation because I was sick. I didn't follow-up with my colleagues to see what I missed. I'm setting up for the exam and I no joke have no... idea... what... I'm doing! I'm the manager and I am clueless. I figure it out before the next day exam, but I doubt my team has confidence in me and I definitely have a bathroom cry and some major anxiety.

Mishap #2

I plan an afternoon curling event at a curling club. Food has been arranged, everyone has arrived and all have a fantastic time learning how to curl and playing on teams. I'm thrilled! The food comes out, I look away and look back and it's gone. No food for me! That wasn't actually the issue. There just plain wasn't enough food. I advertised the event properly and noted that there would be appetizers - the event was AFTER lunch. I should have known my crowd. It was an all-male group of hungry eaters. I had to order more food, whatever they had in the kitchen. The food wasn't timed well and it wasn't smooth, that's for sure. Never leave your guests hungry. Ever!!


The dinner event is a success. My boss is happy, our guests are happy, and I'm happy. There's nothing better than hosting an event that people leave feeling great about. What more can be done?

... I pay the final bill. I review it after I pay. Now I'm confused. Why is it so high? We only had 30 people. Oh no, I see what happened. I paid a tip of 18%, when they had already applied the auto-gratuity. I try to argue it with the manager at a later date.

First mistake - review the bill closely. Do math.

Second mistake - if the over-payment happens, have it fixed on-site. Immediately.

The good thing? I have never made these mistakes again!

Save yourself some pain, and learn from me. Don't have an #eventfail

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