LED Furniture with Glowmi

My main goal with all events is to provide all attendees (including clients) with an experience. It's all about the details and decor is a huge part of making an event memorable. Hiring for glow furniture is a no-brainer to make a splash at any event. I love how versatile Glowmi's products are and they are simple to set-up and use. Here is my interview with Ash Gandhi from Glowmi.

What exactly is glow/led furniture?

LED or Glow Furniture as its commonly known is basically any type of furniture you can imagine, that lights up in 16 different colors and offers colour changing effects such as flash and fade. The furniture has been made by molding a highly durable plastic material into various shapes (Tables, seating, bars, decor etc) with LED Light Modules built into the base. The LED Modules house a rechargeable battery that gives 8-12 hours of illumination before needing to be topped up. This means the LED's operate cordlessly and without the need for any messy wires and cables. Due to this and the furniture being lightweight, it is easy to move around and quick to set-up. The furniture is also waterproof and UV Treated making it great for both indoor and outdoor events. Many of our furniture pieces are modular meaning you can create different sized and shaped seating arrangements and custom Bars/Back Bars for your event.

What types of events is glow furniture used for?

Since our Glow furniture is so versatile it has many applications and can be used for all types of indoor and outdoor events. Because you can light up each piece in one of 16 colors, you can mix and match the items to complement any theme or color scheme you have for an event. It also helps to create a vibrant and uplifting ambiance as the flash mode gives a room energy when there is upbeat music playing, or the fade mode which slowly transitions through all the colors adds a softer and calmer atmosphere. This versatility has seen our furniture being used at large Corporate Events. We can match the furniture to reflect a company's corporate colors and even add decals to the furniture to help with branding. The furniture also works great at weddings, birthday parties, bar & bat mitzvahs, and gala's/receptions. During the summer we cater to many outdoor events such as backyard parties and large festivals. Beyond that, our furniture also works great as props for Trade Shows and even as part of set design for TV/Movie Production. 

Can you explain how the furniture colours can change during an event?

Our furniture is designed with simplicity and ease of use, in mind. We provide our clients with a remote control on-site and give a full demo of how to turn on the LEDs and change/customize the colours. It is very simple. The remote has an on/off button and 16 colour coded buttons which represent the color choices available. There are also 4 effect buttons including fade and flash. You can have all items the same color or each piece a different color in any combination you want. To change things up in the middle of the event simply point the remote control at the furniture and press the button. Easy Peasy!

Are there budget-friendly furniture options for smaller businesses or not-for-profit companies?

Despite our products being so unique and versatile, we aim to have competitive pricing across the board to make glow furniture something that provides excellent value for money and is available to everyone no matter how big or small the budget. You can rent a single piece for a small function or fill a large ballroom with all glow furniture catering to 600+ guests. In addition we have designed various packages starting from only $500 which include all of our most popular items as well as delivery/setup and pickup by our team. 

What are your best selling furniture options?

Our most popular items include LED Benches/Sofas for seating, LED Bars as well as a big selection of LED Tables. We have small lounge/coffee tables, LED Cruiser Tables and a brand new 8 seater LED Dining table that is a first in the whole of Canada. Smaller popular items include things like LED Centerpieces and LED Decor such as columns and pillars. We even have LED Dance floors that will shortly be added to our selection. Due to the popularity and growing demand for our products we are committed to bringing in new designs that continue to set the benchmark for LED Furniture in Canada and offer even more choice to make your event or party extra special.

Be sure to contact Glowmi for an impactful pop at your next event!

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