Holiday Parties Done Right

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Let's talk November and December. It should be a time to relax, but it's often a time of busy family gatherings, social events and work obligations. If you are going to hold a #workholidayparty, consider the following:

- As always, the food. If budget is tight, do canapés instead of cheap plated dinners

- Make it easy for people to mingle. Buffets are great for that - it forces people to move around

- Keep the seating to long tables. It's bad enough going to a work function you can't be bothered with. And then you have to go and talk to your small table of boring people for 2 hours? Ugh

- Whenever you can, have a dance floor. Help people let loose - it'll be their favourite party of the season!

- Keep speeches and presentations to a minimum. In fact, keep the whole event to a minimum. Let your guests get in and get out. It's about quality of time, not quantity of time

- Your event should be on a Thursday or Friday night. Day work events are fun, but can be perceived as cheap

- Gauge your crowd. Are your attendees the types who would like to bring spouses? Kids? Host a party that suits your crowd. You can create a survey if you need to!

- Please, no Christmas music

- If you do have a party kind of party, provide taxi chits and a discounted hotel room block rate. Keep your employees safe!

Feel free to invite me to your party :) - -