Experiential Events with Tradeshow Noir

Businesses should create events that embody company brand and take their guests on a memorable journey. Return on investment is key, and all customer events should lead to fostering/creating positive relationships and leads for new sales. Gone are the days of hosting pretty events, with high budgets that do not leave a lasting impression or lead to ROI.

As event planners, it is our responsibility to be 'in-the-know' about the latest technologies and trends in the events industry. Event marketing is an integral branch of marketing! Introducing Tradeshow Noir, an experiential events tradeshow that plans to highlight all of the latest and greatest innovations in event management. I'll be there and will be sure to share everything I learn with my clients.

Click here for an intro video and read below for my interview with the management team of Tradeshow Noir!

What exactly is Tradeshow Noir and why should event planners attend?

The idea behind Tradeshow Noir is to shift the focus from the type of event (ie. wedding,

corporate etc.) and dig deeper into what all successful parties have in common. We're going

after what guests discuss and critique the most; decor, entertainment, food and atmosphere.

Our concept flips the script on event planners inviting them to be a guest and immersing them

first hand into an incredible industry led experience. We want event planners to leave inspired

and armed with a long list of new contacts and ideas. Planners can expect to meet and connect

with event performers of all types, discover how technology influences decor and room design

while engaging in the newest experiential concepts of 2019.

Tradeshow Noir will streamline and build renewed energy giving event planners a new

foundation from which to grow.

Can you provide a high level agenda of the show?

Opening festivities for Tradeshow Noir will start at 1 pm on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at the

Delta by Marriott Toronto Airport & Conference Centre located at 655 Dixon Rd.

Event planners can expect to be entertained by catching live performances from magic to music

on the main stage. We also have some exciting pop-up and roaming features by artistic creators

that are not to be missed. All in attendance have a chance to roam the free flow exhibitor floor

which focuses on the newest in event decor, technology and experiential concepts meant to

engage guests’ at the show and beyond.

We offer and encourage everyone involved to mingle in our networking lounge and take in the

evolving atmosphere while easily exchanging contact information with industry peers using our

Tap & Trade terminals.

Why is it so important for event planners to focus on event marketing with experiential


Guests and partygoers want to be connected and feel like part of the events they attend. After

all, being wanted and feeling loved is a big part of life! Engaging your audience is a way of

providing a positive, memorable experience and can be done in a number of ways across a

multitude of events. Whether you have wedding guests answering newlywed trivia or corporate

employees painting by numbers, getting people involved creates memories.

If you want guests to tell others what an awesome time it was you need to find something that

stands out. Experiential events do just that. Event planners who put an emphasis on this will

undoubtedly see their client list grow in the years to come.

Event technology is a key feature at innovative events. How will you use event

technology at this trade show?

Technology specifically geared towards efficient operation and its effects on the event planning

world is fabulous in a lot of ways. The one that really stands out is Tap & Trade paperless

information exchange which allows us to reduce our carbon footprint as an industry whole.

We are excited for attendees to easily exchange information with exhibitors and performers

directly to email. The Tap & Trade system enables instant information exchange with the tap of

a preloaded chip affixed to any lanyard or device.

This technology allows attendees to immerse themselves in the experience while exhibitors can

focus more on showcasing their product. This will save time in regards to handing out redundant

brochures or typed information destined for landfills and allows products, services and

performances to shine. By the time you've reached the end of the showroom your inbox will be

filled with all of the industry contacts you wanted and nothing that didn't appeal to you.

Learning about new products is great; will there also be a way to help attendees connect

and network with each other?

Networking is a huge part of the event planning industry. At Tradeshow Noir we have put a

spotlight on this and made it easier than ever. We chose Tap & Trade because not only can

event planners connect with exhibitors but they can also swap information quickly and easily

with each other through terminals found in the atmosphere lounge. Event Planners will be able

to open their inbox after the show and easily reach out to the wonderful people they met along

the way. Tradeshow Noir is breaking the boundaries of event niches and uniting the entire event

industry for the benefit of all clients.

Click here to book tickets and check out more info!

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