Help! Where to Find Event Ideas

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

There's nothing I love more than wasting countless hours searching for event ideas, for events I'm not even planning. Let me teach you my ways!


I love pinning everything from house decor, hair styles, recipes and event ideas. It's better if you download the app so it easily enables you to waste many hours, however you can view Pinterest on your computer and without an account as well.

Tip: Save a pin you like, open it and when you scroll down, there will be other similar pins.


Search for local vendors, event planners and event ideas. You will see events from around the world!

Tip: Follow hashtags. So when you aren't checking Instagram 10 times a day, your account will collect pins from event planners around the world! #eventplanning

Event blogs

Google "event blogs" and you'll see a handful of the most popular ones internationally!

Tip: Review event blogs from event planners in your city. They often have ideas and expertise on venues and vendors in the area.


Google "event ideas", "event themes", "event planning". You get the idea. I suppose you don't need assistance learning how to use the good ole' inter-web!

Tip: Make your search concise, so you don't end up with weddings or kids parties.

Final Tip: Download the Evernote app. Save event idea snapshots from different sites to Evernote, so you have them all in one place.

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