Event Goals

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

You'd like to hold an event. What are your #eventgoals? What is your event objective? You should keep that top of mind when considering the scope of your event. The more I research, the more neat ideas I find of how to incorporate themes to support your event goals.

Themes for dress-up are fun and appropriate a lot of the time, but if you need to focus on strategy for your event, then plain dress-up events like Gatsby or black and white are pointless. You may leave an impression of 'fun' on your attendees, but I imagine when you spend thousands of dollars on an event, you hope to invoke more from your attendees than just a good time.

Is there a colour that's relevant to your business or event theme? How about a cocktail with company colours?

Is there a gift that helps your attendees in their jobs? Remote phone chargers are a win!

What about the presenters? For really any type of event, you can't go wrong with a comedic MC.

And how about the music? For a sales awards gala, songs tailored to the stories of each award winner make the winners feel extra special.

What is the focus of your event? If it's communication or teamwork, how about an improv workshop?

Every good event tells a story, just the way a good sales pitch does. So, I'll leave you with this thought:

What do you want your attendees to feel?

#Eventprofs can guide with event goal brainstorming! I'm happy to bounce ideas around - feel free to email me! - -