10 Tips For An Event With a Small Budget

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Not every company holding an event has a generous budget, or even a budget at all. Here are 10 tips to help you out!

1) Lunch menus are always cheaper and many venues won't even charge a venue rental fee

2) Weekday dinner menus and venue rentals are often cheaper

3) Canapés can be more fancy and affordable than full plated meals

4) Ask the venue for tap water to be served, instead of distilled water or water bottles

5) Serve wine and beer only, and special drinks on request only. Request that the servers pour the wine instead of leaving it on the tables for guests to help themselves. Stop bar service during the presentation Drink tickets can be tacky, but necessary sometimes and to be expected at some corporate events

6) Keep your time limit to 2-3 hours to save on room rental and beverage costs

7) Bring your own projector and cords and rent only the screen and/or microphone

8) Advise your guests what expenses they can/can not reimburse for to avoid any surprise parking/taxi fees

9) Send follow-ups to ensure attendees are still attending, to avoid any no-show expenses

10) Always negotiate with the venue and vendors when you can! Advise of your budget and see if they can accommodate. This works for me 75-80% of the time!

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