The Look and Feel

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Everybody wants to be a part of a #specialevent. And everybody attending the event wants to feel special. Your guests will feel special with their gift, free food and award if applicable. However, an understated way to really impress your guests is to make them feel important and a part of this spectacular team! Right when your guests walk through the venue, there should be an event or company sign. Most venues can provide this for you if you email your logo in advance.

If you have a more generous budget, the best walk-in signage is on the venue doors or posts. This can be done by many hotels. I had one guest attendee rave about an event I planned and how we really outdid ourselves. And all he kept referencing was the signage around the hotel. He felt like a true VIP and we did our job if we ensured that he felt that way.

After the entrance, the #companylogo or #eventname, the #eventbranding should continue. When guests check-in to the hotel, they should be provided with either a branded hotel keycard or a package. A great idea is to have a hotel room drop with a package or gift as well.

As guests walk in to the event, it should be very clear which room to go to. Everybody loves a red carpet (and don't cheap out on the quality). Everybody also loves a backdrop and a photographer! The logo or event name should be all over the backdrop. When the guests go to pick up their badges or seating assignment, they should be impressed. Guests should hold or wear their name with pride, as all attendees are VIP.

Enter the event room. The stage! No doubt what this event is for. Don't be shy with b;asting out your logo or event name! Your guests should live and breathe your event. The logo can also be on the menu, the seating arrangements, the floor or pool and if there are #awardwinners, have their names with the logo on display as well.

It's not just about the logo or event name. Event branding goes as far as the theme, the music and the colours. Some branding should be obvious, and some branding should be subliminal. It's your job to hype up your guests and remind them constantly, what they came for. People always remember 2 things about an event. Not necessarily content (hard to believe, right?), but without fail they will remember the food and #thelookandfeel.

I love creative branding ideas. Please feel free to share!

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