Audio Visual with Soundbox Productions

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Every event should have a strong audio visual component. My second blog interview is with Soundbox Productions. Check out their portfolio and give them a call for your next event!

Soundbox Productions is an event production company that services which cities?

Soundbox was started and is still based in Hamilton, Ontario. We have a main office and warehouse in Hamilton, as well as a secondary office based inside the Hamilton Convention Centre. Many of our day-to-day events take place in the Hamilton region as well as the greater GTA and Niagara area. We will typically meet with our clients in various venues to discuss the project. We also supply for many musical groups and artists that travel across Canada and the USA and we send equipment and crew for those shows as well.

Can you describe the scope of your work for an event? 

As the production supplier, we work alongside the event planner and their team to make sure all technical aspects of the event are taken care of. The event planner would usually supply us with the event’s theme, goals, agenda, and any initial tech requirements. We would then design the audio and visual systems needed to accomplish those goals. If there are any musical acts at the event, we would deal directly with them to make sure their technical requests are fulfilled.

Event technology is ever-changing and advancing. Can you describe some of your favourite trends that you have applied at events? 

Events are becoming more reliant on technology in general. Almost every presenter will require a video platform and a microphone, but having greater production value at events is becoming the expectation at most galas or ticketed events. Guests now expect to now only have great sound, but also an impressive light show and HD video. More events are now taking into consideration lighting and video design and taking the time to plan out technical cues, and planning technical rehearsals to ensure everything runs smoothly.

You have a lot of clients hosting large-scale events. Do you also work with clients on smaller events hosting in small venues?

Absolutely! We service many sizes of events. We supply for various hotels in the area that have smaller meeting spaces that often only require a screen and video projector, or a wireless microphone, etc. We are happy to deliver what is needed for any size gathering.

Experiential events (aka storytelling) is key to capturing audiences. How does Soundbox Productions contribute to taking the audience on a journey at an event?

It’s really fun when we get to be a part of an event that is encompassing audiences from start to finish. Our role many times in those types of events is providing lighting to highlight set pieces or spaces. We love putting lighting outside to light up really interesting architecture and buildings so when guests are arriving at the venue, just walking up to the doors is already setting the mood. We often will spend time programming lighting designs and sequences so that lighting is changing at various cued points throughout the event. We also supply video screens, LED video walls, etc. that can be deployed to feature messaging and key videos.

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